While buying or selling a business, the most important question is – what price am I willing to pay, or at what price am I willing to sell. A valuation answers these questions with a number.


Whether you're a business trying to sell whole or part of your business, or a fund interested in determining an objective price to pay for a business, or even an investor wanting to determine the price to pay for a publicly listed company – a valuation is what you need.

As part of this offering:

  • We obtain whatever data is available with the client, and collect relevant data from the public domain.
  • We clarify the business model on parameters like – products or services, customers, industry, and geography.
  • We study its accounting performance over the last five years and summarise it in our report.
  • We chart out its business strategy and create a model to understand its positioning for the future.
  • We conduct a background check of its corporate governance history and rate it for shareholder friendliness.
  • And finally we issue a private and confidential report to the client.

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