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What we do

We provide consulting and execution services of business activities, like — Accounting, Assurance, BPO, Energy, Finance, HR, Legal & Secretarial, Strategy, and Tax.

Though these activities are key to running an organisation, they eat into the management's time and take them away from core operations. The best way for them to refocus, is to have professionals handle these allied activities. That's where we come in.

We've been doing this for over 25 years, and continually strive to deliver high-quality professional services, with honesty and integrity.

Board of Directors

Sanjay Tandon

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Madan Chauhan


Alok Krishan

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Shiven Tandon

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Competent Group

Founded in 1986 by Sanjay Tandon, Competent Group touches over 2 million lives through its client and employee network. Built on a strong value system, Competent has offerings ranging from — professional services and consulting, to contact support and business process outsourcing, to stock and commodity broking, to software products and co-working facilities. Competent Foundation, in line with its motto “Help ever, hurt never”, regularly engages in service activities like — blood donation camps, community kitchen, cancer surgery, drug de-addiction, and so on.

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