Salt🧂 for Startups🚀

Serving Startups End-To-End. Taking them from ⌛️ to ⏳

Our Pitch

Founders, Leaders, Managements – Lend us your attention🤓
We intend to serve, not to push an unmindful sale
The good that Startups do, brings positive change in society
The bad, if not corrected, oft leads to their downfall😓

But with so much on their plate,🍛
From sales and marketing, to operations and customer delight 🥰
To strategy and finance, and HR and compliance
How are they to thrive? Where is the time? 🥱

Salt🧂 for Startups🚀, helps you refocus on your core functions🧭
By handing you your time back... from
⌛️ to

How? 🤔

We'll handle – Accounting & Tax, and HR & Compliance🏋🏻
And help you with Pitch Decks & Fund Raising, and ESOPs & IPR📄
You'll deal with one person only 🙋🏻‍♀️
Plus all your documents will be on the cloud!

Sounds good?👌🏼
Let's talk! 💬 ↘️