Retail Sector Audit

If you're a retailer, you need precise record keeping and robust internal controls.

Retail Sector Audit

India is the world's fifth largest retail destination. The sector accounts for 10% of India's GDP, making it critical for our economy.

Owing to our professional experience in this space, we can handle assignments at any scale, throughout the country.

A typical retail audit has three major facets:

  1. Operations
    • Checking for adherence to SOPs (standard operating procedures) and internal guidelines
    • Identifying gaps in internal controls and recommending improvement measures
    • Identifying redundant processes
    • Identifying areas of loss/leakage, and recommending ways of plugging them
    • Conducting root cause analysis for non-compliances
    • Auditing for statutory compliances (like business licenses)
  2. Inventory
    • Plan and execute wall-to-wall stock takings at client locations
    • Plan and execute cycle count takings at the required frequency
    • Conducting root cause analysis for differences between actual and book inventory
    • Recommend improvements in inventory control processes
  3. Fixed Assets
    • Tag, count and value all fixed assets
    • Perform periodic fixed asset audit
    • Recommend improvements in standard procedures and internal controls

Our team can help you with inventory control, reverse logistics, cash and bank management, sales accounting, purchase accounting, and compliances.

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