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Payroll management is the process through which an organisation remunerates its employees for their service. This is a critical function since it demands accuracy, timeliness, compliance, and orderly record-keeping.

Our proprietary SQL/VB.NET based payroll software checks all these boxes and is perfect for a small to medium sized organisation. It’s equipped to perform -

  1. Salary processing (basic pay, bonus, expense remuneration, leave management, etc.)
  2. PF and ESI deductions
  3. Cloud based filing
  4. Management reporting
  5. Need based review and editing of salary structures
  6. Pay statements processing
  7. Preparation of employee’s incomes
  8. Identifying tax compliances
  9. Incentive plans structuring

For larger organisations, we offer this service through market leading softwares like — QuickBooks (integrated HR), ADP, Zoho Payroll, Paybooks and Nitso, among others.

Our HR offerings cover the entire HR lifecycle, from hire to retire. If you’re looking for a partner that can be a pillar of support for your HR – write to us or schedule a virtual meeting.