Income Tax Consulting

Tax laws tend to be complex, making them hard to keep up with. Need an expert?

Income Tax Consulting

The concept of tax comes from nature’s concept of evaporation. The sun absorbs water from oceans, rivers and ponds, and redistributes it to everyone in the form of rain. Similarly, governments collect taxes from society, and redistribute it by building common infrastructure.

Tax laws tend to be complex; and with everything else that comes with running a business, it’s hard to keep up. The best option is to consult professionals. Having worked in taxation for decades and meticulously kept up with ever changing regulations, we have the skillset and the experience to fill this need.

Here’s what we can do:

  1. Conduct planning to optimise tax outflows
  2. Prepare and file returns
  3. Assessments
  4. Consult on various tax matters
  5. Represent before various Income Tax Authorities
  6. Handle TDS and Advance Tax compliances
  7. Study, audit, assess, and find objections in Transfer Pricing matters

If you need any of the above – write to us or schedule a virtual meeting.