GST Consulting

A dedicated team to manage a constantly evolving subject.

GST Consulting

The concept of tax comes from nature’s concept of evaporation. The sun absorbs water from oceans, rivers and ponds, and redistributes it to all in the form of rain. Similarly, governments collect taxes from society only to redistribute it in the form of common infrastructure.

GST is a relatively new, and thus, constantly evolving tax law. Staying abreast with all updates, and interpreting them in context with the Act — is a full-time job. The best option for any business owner or management, is to leave it to professionals. We are committed to achieving excellence in this vertical; and hence, our GST team abstains from indulging in any other service. They focus on building the highest level of expertise in this vertical.

Here’s what we can do:

  1. Initiation services
    • GST registration
    • Training sessions for the management and key executives
  2. Regular compliances
    • Filing of monthly and quarterly GST returns
    • Filing annual compliance return
    • Ensuring deposit of GST to electronic cash ledger
    • Refund of GST from GST Department
    • Annual GST Audit
  3. Advisary on GST matters

If you need any of the above – write to us or schedule a virtual meeting.