Fund Raising

There's equity and there's debt. Each has its own characteristics and complexities. Which is better, varies from case to case.

Fund Raising

Early stage startups need seed capital, growth stage startups need growth capital, established companies often need a line of credit to smoothen working capital pressures – in short, every business pursuit requires funds to keep going.

As part of this service we:

  • Consult businesses on the optimum amount and kind funds they should raise.
  • Manage paperwork to prepare for such activity.
  • Facilitate meetings with targeted funds (both private and institutional).
  • Handhold due diligence processes.
  • Draft and negotiate definitive agreements.
  • Consult on accounting and compliance treatment for funds received.
  • Consult on parking of such funds in the interim.

If you'd like out help – write to us or schedule a virtual meeting.