Entity Formation and Initiation

To move faster, your business needs a vehicle. We'll help you set that up.

Entity Formation and Initiation

Company, One Person Company, Alternative Investment Fund, Limited Liability Partnership, Partnership Firm, HUF, Sole Proprietorship, Charitable Trust... these are some of the entity structures that one can set up in India to carry out their activities.

It's always better to get this decision right from the very beginning. To make the right choice, one must consider the relevant law, tax technicalities, limitation of liability, asset ownership, and so on.

We offer consulting and execution for:

  1. Choosing the right structure
  2. Registering it (if need be) with the relevant authority
  3. Drafting charter documents like: MOA, AOA, LLP Agreement, etc.
  4. Applying for relevant ID's like GST registration, PAN, PF & ESI registrations etc.
  5. Drafting rent deeds
  6. Obtaining approval for entity name.
  7. Additionally, we also consult and manage the process for IRDAI licenses: Brokers, Web Aggregators, Insurance Marketing Firms, Surveyors and TPA services; and SEBI licenses: Portfolio Management Service, Alternative Investment Fund, Investment Advisor, Merchant Banking, etc.

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