Energy Cost Control

Maximise Energy Efficiency!

Energy Cost Control

Our engineering professionals take into account the entity's energy profile, its load distribution, and its energy sourcing while modelling an energy governance program.

For any industry where energy consumption is a major cost, an ECC project can unveil major opportunities for reduce costs.

As part of an ECC, we:

  • Model a transparent energy governance system with
    • a meticulous process,
    • timely information recording, and
    • an all-encompassing policy framework which creates accountability and defines a control matrix.
  • Set up
    • an energy management system based on automatic meter reading, with built-in benchmarking and controls to ensure data validation. Exceptions are obtained though SQL (short query list).
    • a ground vigilance system to monitor the behavior of external forces.
    • A budgetary cost control process monitored through micro and macro level variance.
  • Conduct a technical audit to
    • identify savings potential
    • find root cause of inefficiencies
    • draft a comprehensive investment plan (if needed)
  • Present alternative energy options such as solar, rice-husk based, biomass, etc.

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