Corporate Law Advisory

Stay on the right side of the law.

Corporate Law Advisory

Regulatory environments have always been complicated. In order to focus on business excellence, a business owner's best option is to stay on the right side of compliance, and have access to an expert who promptly provides correct legal information.

Here's what we offer:

  • All MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) compliances on an annual retainer basis. Like: maintenance of various registers, minutes of meetings, annual filings, etc.
  • Timely advice on company law matters like:
    • Can you accept or provide an ICD (inter-corporate deposit)?
    • Steps to be followed to issue bonus shares
    • How you can allot sweat equity or start an ESOP (employee stock option plan) for employees.
  • Drafting of various agreements. For example, if you're signing a service agreement or a non-disclosure agreement with another party, having a legal expert by your side to help you negotiate better terms is super beneficial.
  • All allied services and matters on case-to-case basis.

For any of the above – write to us or schedule a virtual meeting.